My mom and I love KOAH Jataí honey; it is super tasty, does not heartburn nor cause a glucose peak; I have problems with peaks of glucose with some products, but with this honey I didn't have this problem. I use it as a pre-workout. I highly recommend it.

We just love it. - Marcia and Terezinha

I had already heard of Jataí honey as a natural remedy - So I decided to start a treatment for daughter with bronchitis with the KOAH Jataí-Honey.
After a month of taking a spoon every day, there were great improvements!
When we go to our farm, my daughter likes to get into the water of a cascade, but each time, the symptoms of bronchitis get worse afterwards. However, this last time, since that month she has been taking the honey, she had no more aggravated symptoms, even after swimming.
She always needed a inhaler/puffer in cases of crisis. The price of this resource is not small for us, so even though this honey also has a considerable value, it is very worthwhile, since it is 100% natural and good for the whole body. It really is a natural remedy. - Cleonir de Lima

I have been working with natural products and food supplements for 15 years. I became interested in Jataí honey KOAH and soon put its effectiveness to the test. I started  a treatment for my 2 year old granddaughter Julia because of bronchitis. I'm going to the second 140g bottle and we have already great results with a significant increase in immunity! She can even sleep with air conditioning on, something that was never possible before, which was when the crisis worsened the most. I recommend that whoever has this problem in the family, make this experience. - Carlos Alberto Chanoski.

I often had low immunity, so I get the flu easily, as well as several throat infections and allergies that cause acute bronchitis. At approx. six months ago i started taking a spoonful of Jataí KOAH honey daily, since then, i only had a slight cold, in which i was surprised with the quick cure, without having any episode of bronchitis since then. - Sabrina Schumann.

  I have chemotherapy on a weekly basis, I have asthma and I am already in the “best age”. I looked for something that was helping to strengthen my body. I've been taking KOAH's Jataí honey and I've been feeling very well. - Cilda de Lima Santos.  

Treatment of the grandson with severe bouts of cough / bronchitis:
"He's taking honey every day. He has had a good reaction but he is also allergic due to other types of medicine that he was prescribed. Let's take some time to test and guarantee what is the effect of honey" ... {2 weeks later}  "Thank God the little one has improved with the honey. They were giving him other medicines. We stopped and gave him only KOAH's Jataí honey. Thank goodness the cough is gone. - Varciley Batista de Oliveira.

3 months ago I got to know KOAH's  Jataí Honey. It was love the first spoonful. The different flavor delighted me. It is inexplicable. But it goes far beyond that, I always had problems with mouth sores and severe canker sores that made me extremely upset. Sometimes one barely healed and there was already another. And among all that I've tried during all these years, the difference was the Honey that I adhered to in my food routine. I had no further episode of cold sore. Not even close. I am extremely happy and thankful to Koah ❤ - Alex Arseno

Here is the tip for those who want to practice physical activity, having good immunity with energy, ingesting KOAH's Jataí honey. I purchased for testing and after realizing difference I acquired more. Very good honey. - Aparecido Couto.

I want to give my thanks to KOAH's Jataí honey. It is very good. I had a motorcycle accident and used it on the wound that was inflamed and slow to heal. It was easy to apply and helped the wound start to dry, which was not the case with other medications. - Elias.

I want to give my thanks talking about Jataí KOAH's honey. Very good, I had a motorcycle accident and used it on the wound that was inflamed and slow to heal. It was easy to apply and helped the wound start to dry, which was not the case with other medications. - Elias.

I usually tend to inflamed wounds. This time I decided to treat them only with KOAH Jataí-honey because it is bactericidal and indigenous people used it for skin treatments, in addition to ingesting it. (Here a study on the application and effectiveness of this use (link to study, in German, use the automatic translator).
After washing the wounds it was easy to apply because the honey is liquid and the skin absorbs it easily.
I treated the wounds daily 1-2 times for a week.
As the honey is cooled, it also gave pain relief after each application.
This time I had no symptoms of infection or inflammation. Within a week the wounds had already healed well and now, after two weeks, almost nothing is noticeable.
- Gabriela

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