Our story

It all started when our family got to know a precious region in the northeast of the state of Minas Gerais.


We saw a great potential for developing the vocation of diversity and natural wealth of the place.

It was there that we also met the Jataí bee, by the way very well adapted to the region.

So the idea of ​​producing a differentiated honey was developed, as a source of complementary income for family farmers.

In 2016, we started the project"Jataí do Vale", which aims the teaching of native bee keeping and honey production, as well as all the support to develop this activity.

the project has been implemented gradually. meliponiculture (stingless bees-keeping) has been developing slowly mainly at the commercial level.


Learn more about the regional project: www.jataidovale.com

Projeto fundo branco.png

the name KOAH (coming soon)

KOAH - special honey came up with the need to generate resources for the "Jataí do Vale" project and create a decent space in the market for the development of national meliponiculture in general.

Our mission

It is to provide consumer goods derived from meliponiculture with standards of hygiene, purity and environmental awareness. Also to make native bees better known and their benefits.

Our Purpose

It is to benefit and

stimulate farmers

family members in the region

opportunity for a complementary low investment activity.

Offer a highly

beneficial to health that can

prevent and assist in

disease cure.